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Frictionless customer experience leveraging Conversational AI and RPA

In the world of intelligent automation, Conversational AI and RPA are seeing an exponential increase in adoption across business use cases. Some analysts and solution providers view them as competing technologies. We at evoluteIQ view them as two sides of the same coin.

Human Centric Automation

evoluteIQ has a unique approach to Intelligent Automation that is focused around designing solutions with the human at the centre. Whether it is the customers, employees, partners or vendors, the emphasis should always be on improving their experience by removing the friction in the interactions and reducing the repetitive, “swivel-chair” tasks that they need to perform.

The Intelligent Automation Thesaurus

Intelligent Automation is a fast-evolving space and new terminology gets created everyday – AI, ML, NLP, NLG, Computer Vision, ICR/OCR, RPA, RDA, Assisted Bots, Unassisted Bots, Chatbots – the list is long. Here’s our attempt to demystify the lingo !

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