e.IQ Platform : Helping enterprises define the future of work

Automation initiatives in most enterprises are at an inflection point today; initial POV (Proof of Value) has been established through pilot projects and they are now ready to scale.

However, one key challenge businesses face as they scale is that there is a heterogenous environment of different RPA and AI/ML technologies, often without a common set of standards and governance  mechanism. In addition, there is increased demand for cognitive automation and less focus on deterministic automation.

evoluteIQ’s e.IQ Platform is a foundational layer that can help organisations address these key success criteria for turbo-charging their intelligent automation journey.

Benefits of using the e.IQ platform

Leverage out of the box AI toolset for adding perception, cognition and conversational elements in the automation journey

Track and monitor every stage of the automation journey : from Discovery, Design and Build to Test, Go Live and Monitor stages

Benefit from our Industry best practices for  automation solution implementation strategies and standard documentation

Reverse engineer current process definitions into contemporary BPM enabled as-is process flow documentation

Experience AI based recommendations for  the automation strategy and implementation

Achieve high level of integration between heterogeneous RPA platforms, internal and external systems using our cutting edge orchestration solutions

Accelerate the deployment process using our “build once deploy across platforms” technology

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