e.IQ Platform – Designed to democratize application development for both citizen and power users.

The platform enables organizations to launch end-to-end digital native solutions by bringing together process automation and intelligent data processing in a robust low-code, no-code development environment. Through cognitive automation and process modernization, it identifies existing digital hooks that can benefit from hyperautomation.

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e.IQ : The only low-code/no-code hyperautomation enablement platform with a comprehensive feature set

Process flow

Build advanced process applications with an Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS) for continuous process improvement


  • Define rules with an integrated rule engine
  • Maintain smart forms with intuitive UI
  • Integrate with external applications and human processes with APIs


Define and build data flows with an easy drag-and-drop functionality. Manage data-at-rest with configurable nodes and use it like microservices.


  • Connect and process data from any source
  • Create flows effortlessly with visual modeling canvas
  • IntegrateML into data flows


Process and analyze events in real time with Complex Events Processing (CEP) to predict real-time threats and identify opportunities


  • Process, filter, and manage data from various resources
  • Leverage one-click deployment environment
  • Live stream data with CEP models


Forecast future behavior, analyze trends, and predict outcomes using dynamic ML models with continuous learning capabilities


  • Handle large data volumes with highly scalable algorithms
  • Leverage APIs for easy third-party integrations
  • Allow users to choose the best ML model


Connect disparate business-critical systems and services at high speeds with easy-to-use libraries


  • Deploy on cloud as well as on-premise models without hassles
  • Complete complex integrations within days
  • Connect to any business-critical platform, service, or microservice with point-and-click connectivity


Derive actionable insights for your business with robust analytics and present data in visually rich reports


  • Integrate easily with Cloud services like AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud
  • Access sophisticated and predictive analysis tools
  • Gain and share blended data insights with key stakeholders
  • Visualize data through embedded dashboards
  • Perform advanced time series analysis

Simplify complex decision logic to make accurate decisions in changing business environments


  • Update business rules quickly
  • Convert business policies to business rules
  • Audit rule trails to identify and track changes

Create enterprise mobile applications that can work online or offline.


  • Cross-platform support for hybrid or native apps
  • Seamlessly integrate with business workflows and data pipes

Create visually appealing and dynamic web forms for workflows using new or pre-built templates


  • Execute unlimited user actions and save submissions
  • Assign and categorize user roles to control access
  • Manage complex forms and data easily

Converge features and drag-and-drop nodes with enterprise portal for faster deployment


  • Create MVPs in weeks
  • Roll out new business functionality quickly
  • Improve ROI for existing technology investments
  • Leverage in-built support for Blockchain and IoT

The e.IQ Platform enables enterprise transformation through a unique two-step approach


The e.IQ platform, deployed on-premise or in the cloud, brings disparate automation technologies together to create an integrated and homogeneous environment to accelerate hyperautomation.


The platform then enables citizen users (non-technical, analysts, and operations teams) to easily build secure, scalable applications or end-to-end user journeys using a low-code, no-code interface.


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