Intelligent Automation as a Service

The first wave of automation was based on the deployment of RPA and AI tools on-prem. This has provided substantial benefits over the last couple of years including agility, accuracy, simplicity, compliance and cost. But these benefits are now beginning to plateau for enterprises who began their journey early. On the other hand, enterprises who are in the early stage of adoption are looking at ways to test the waters quickly and efficiently and catchup with the early adopters.

Intelligent Automation is now witnessing the convergence of RPA and AI tools with the cloud technologies and this will be the game changer that will fuel the next phase of growth. The continued movement of enterprise applications to the cloud – both public and private – will make it easier for business and operations teams to  overlay automation on their cloud based applications.

evoluteIQ’s cloud-based IPAaaS offering is meant for businesses looking to begin their automation journey in a risk-mitigated model, as well those who have are looking to augment and optimise their existing programs.

IPAaaS also provides a disruptive alternative for business looking to drive a step-change in the value they are deriving from their IT and BPO outsourcing service providers, rather than getting low single-digit YoY savings.

The following are the key features and benefits enterprises can look to derive from evoluteIQ’s IPAaaS solution:

Flexible service with a low cost-of-entry and a pay-per-digital-worker subscription model

Access to a wide portfolio of RPA and AI tools using our “Bot Farm” without having to negotiate separate contracts with each provider

Ability to scale up/down Bots based on business needs or leveraging our recommendations from AI-based predictive analytics engine

Managed service with ongoing monitoring and optimisation of the digital workforce utilisation

Zero Capex model eliminating the hardware, software and people cost associated with the deployment  of RPA/AI tools

Quicker realisation of value from the automation initiatives leading to an accelerated adoption across the enterprise

Reduced dependency on the hiring and management of RPA/AI tool-specific talent that would otherwise be needed for an on-prem deployment

Aggregated health monitoring across platforms and Bot farms

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