evoluteIQ has a unique approach to Intelligent Automation that is focused on designing solutions with the human at the centre. Whether it is the customers, employees, partners or vendors, the emphasis should always be on improving their experience by removing the friction in their interactions and reducing the repetitive, “swivel-chair” tasks that they need to perform.

This people-first approach is the key to driving long-term, sustainable transformation for enterprises in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). While the first three industrial revolutions were about making the workplace better, the 4IR is really about empowering the workforce. Enterprises should use this as a primary lens to prioritise their transformation initiatives.

Key principles to keep in mind when putting together a human centric automation strategy:

Optimise the process before automation: Automation initiatives should be viewed as an opportunity for intervention to address broken processes. Focus on taking the “robot out of the human” to free up bandwidth so that the employees can focus on more value-added tasks.

Technology is not the always the answer: Organisations give too much focus to the specific tools and technologies being deployed for automation, as compared to the people and process aspects in the “technology-process-people” trifecta. Get that balance right in the design phase.

Benefits are not always tangible: Empowering the staff by freeing up their bandwidth and providing them access to bots as assistants will lead to benefits beyond  the tangible cost reduction. Create a robust governance framework that measures program success keeping in mind parameters such as improved customer experience and improved employee satisfaction.

evoluteIQ’s e.IQ Framework based approach for human-centric automation can drive the following benefits for the enterprise:

  • Increased Business Agility: Reduced process execution times due to collaboration of human and bot agents working collaboratively. The throughput of this hybrid workforce is much higher due to the bots working 24/7/365.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The automation solutions can scale fast to meet business needs; the bots deployed can also handle any number of business processes simultaneously without a long learning curve.
  • Better Accuracy: Leveraging bots for repetitive tasks improves the error rates due to human fatigue.
  • Improved Compliance: Automation solutions have the ability to create an audit trail; this is a useful feature for helping improve compliance and meeting regulations.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction: Taking away the “robotic” tasks allows associates in the enterprise to focus on higher order activities like business innovation and talking to their customers.
  • Intelligent Customer Experiences:  The improvements in business agility, throughput and accuracy rates lead to improved and more consistent customer journeys, that eventually drive higher revenues for the enterprise.
  • Non-invasive Technology: The automation solutions we deploy can work in tandem with existing investments in enterprise technologies like ERP, CRM, Transaction Processing systems and Data Lakes.
  • Cost Reduction: Our Intelligent Automation solutions typically deliver 40-60% cost reduction over an onsite FTE cost and 10-30% reduction over an offshore FTE.
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