In the world of intelligent automation, Conversational AI and RPA are seeing an exponential increase in adoption across business use cases. Some analysts and solution providers view them as competing technologies. We at evoluteIQ view them as two sides of the same coin.

RPA solutions are designed to replicate the way people interact with existing applications and systems. They can mimic the decisions they make and the processes they follow to carry out a business process. Such solutions are best suited for automating rule based, repetitive, high-volume tasks along with some cognitive ability. Some of the key RPA solution providers include Ui Path, Another Monday, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism and Kryon.

Conversational AI or Chatbot solutions are more focused on automating and improving the experience customers, vendors and partners have when interacting with the enterprise. Solution providers in this space include Active.AI and servisBot.

evoluteIQ is helping clients get the best of both these technologies by leveraging our automation framework called e.IQ. Our IP helps streamline customer journeys by addressing the friction that exists at various levels:

  • Inconvenience friction: Today’s self-service mobile apps and web portals are not convenient, requiring customer to do the heavy lifting in order to achieve any meaningful interaction.
  • Incomplete interaction friction: Chatbots mostly answer simple queries; for execution of transactions and complex queries, they transfer to a human agent which breaks the customer journeys and often results in them having to reset the context.
  • Time and effort friction: Chat and contact centers require a high degree of human involvement. Optimising  the percentage of  human agent effort can lead to significant operational cost reduction for enterprises.

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