One of the world’s largest medical device manufacturing company was looking to take away the high-volume, repetitive tasks their sales and inventory management staff performed, and instead have them focus on revenue maximisation opportunities. We collaborated with them to implement a robust RPA solution to automate many of their processes.



Solution Components

Robotic Process Automation

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The Challenge

The client had implemented an SAP-based ERP system; however there were many process gaps that existed which often lead to manual intervention from their sales and inventory management teams. These manual processes ranged from Excel-based report downloads and system updates, reconciliation between modules, triggering of MIS reports and management of order fulfilment logistics. This was taking time away from the staff to focus on their core activities of account planning and spending time in front of clients, and impacting revenue growth.

The Solution​

We implemented a robust RPA solution that involved an end-to-end process diagnostic and identifying opportunity areas for “taking the robot out of the human”.

Key high ROI-impact processes that were prioritised and automated included:

  • Sales forecasting and inventory management report generation – daily, weekly, monthly
  • Customer support processes – triggering, tracking and closure of service jobs and the related governance
  • Intelligent inventory management and updating the warehouse assignment for order fulfillment

The Impact

The new automated process resulted in significant improvements in the sales and inventory KPIs and “hours being returned to business”. The staff morale went up, the MIS reporting to senior management improved and all this eventually led to tangible revenue growth.

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