Intelligent automation journeys across industry verticals

Intelligent Healthcare Process Redesign

A major dialysis service provider in the US was looking at ways to improve the quality of critical care for its patients while managing the cost of service down. Learn how we leveraged our e.IQ platform and the power of Machine Learning to redesign and implement an improved kidney care process.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

When customer responses and tweets became more frequent and demanding, a multi-national consumer brand had to find an efficient way to handle tweets in real-time without throwing an army of customer support agents at the problem. We provided a Natural Language Processing (NLP) based solution that seamlessly analysed the tweets and either amplified the positive sentiment or mitigated the negative sentiment being expressed in them.

Sales and Inventory Management Automation

One of the world’s largest medical device manufacturing company was looking to take away the high-volume, repetitive tasks their sales and inventory management staff performed, and instead have them focus on revenue maximisation opportunities. We collaborated with them to implement a robust RPA solution to automate many of their processes.

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