Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a transformation lever has seen widespread adoption across most industry verticals over the last few years. Most enterprises have carried out a Proof of Value (PoV) to establish that the technology works, many have automated the low hanging fruit in process areas such as Finance and HR, and some of the mature ones have setup set-up their Automation Center of Excellence to evangelize the technology within the organization and drive best practices.

And yet, achieving scale and infusing automation across all business units continues to be elusive. That could begin to change in 2020 as organizations make the jump from RPA to Intelligent Automation.

The following are some of the key technology levers that will define this shift towards infusing “intelligence” into automation initiatives:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for cognitive decision making:
Cognitive capture of unstructured data:
Conversational AI-based customer support:
Process Intelligence tools:

Will 2020 be the breakout year for enterprises looking to remove the friction in their business processes and drive superior customer experiences? The right set of tools are certainly available for this to happen; whether the adoption keeps pace is to be seen.

Originally appeared in AI Time Journal:

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