Take the leap with hyperautomation



Identify digital
hooks that can benefit
from hyperautomation

Reimagine end-to-end
user journeys

Leverage existing

Increase ROI on
automation initiatives



Use process modernization
to focus on areas that
maximize impact

Innovate using low-code, no-code application development

Leverage the power of AI/ML, IoT, and Blockchain

Build scalable and secure applications with enterprise connectivity



Drive a level-shift
in business

Streamline end-to-end
business processes

Drive data-driven
decision making

Extract intelligent information
with self-learning systems

e.IQ Platform

Features Unparalleled.
Possibilities Unlimited.

End-to-end hyperautomation enablement platform that combines the capabilities of low-code/no-code, cognitive automation, and data processing to build seamless user journeys across processes and systems.

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How does the
e.IQ Platform enable hyperautomation?

The e.IQ platform enables enterprises to bring together their fragmented technology landscape and ongoing automation initiatives to achieve digital transformation at scale. The platform’s rich feature set enables building of iBPMS-based process workflows, AI/ML and data processing solutions, IoT and Blockchain applications, as well multi-channel web, mobile and conversational interfaces. All this using a visual low-code, no-code paradigm.

Accelerate ROI and launch MVPs

Deploy and scale solutions faster with MVPs and
experience increased ROI on automation with go-live in a few weeks

Protect investments

Break away from siloes and seamlessly adopt new
technologies for future-proofing your business

Experience unlimited consumption

Enjoy the flexibility to build unlimited apps
or add more users with easy, flat pricing

Reduce the cost of ownership

Drag, drop, and customize solutions with a
low-code/no-code platform for citizen users

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Transform your digital narrative

The e.IQ Platform is domain-agnostic and can be used to build automation
solutions across departments, sectors, and industries.

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unlock impact

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